About ET3

Transportation is key to urban survival, but it’s dangerous, congested, & depends on dirty fossil fuels.
ET3 (Evacuated Tube Transport Technologies)(tm) is a network of tubes that have the air removed to eliminate friction for magnetically levitated capsules. The car sized capsules are driverless, and carry cargo too.
ET3s vision includes ultra safe travel from Denver to The TajMahal in 3hr for $50
At any time as you travel, you can select any access portal in this ‘physical Internet’.

We profitably sell a license to contribute to and use our IP, and build and use ET3. Our first customers were experts with key IP, now we are attracting companies who see a new market for production assets, next is co-use of $Ts of government and/or private Right-Of-Way (ROW).

Licensees number about 400 experts and companies in 25 nations.
We are FOCUSED on building a 3mile demo:
Phase1 is DONE,
Phase2 is a Maglev Limousine operating in a 5’dia etube.
Phase3 is a 400mph thrill ride. If demand is 5% of capacity it pays it’s $20M cost in under 2yrs.

We plan to win 90% of the $10T/y global transport market. 5B earthlings buying a license to use ET3 will double the standard of living in less than a generation because ET3 offers:
*50X more transport per kWh than Ecars or trains,
*1/10 the cost of HSR yet 10x the capacity,
*1/4th the cost of freeways yet 1/10 the maintenance,
*Safe and reliable no fog or snow worries,
*ET3 is achievable NOW using proven capabilities.
You have power to help ET3 scale faster. Buy your license to speed.
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ET3 works by eliminating virtually all aerodynamic friction and rolling resistance.


Phone: +1(720)ET3-RIDE [383-7433] eMail: et3@et3.com