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What are the Dis-advantages of ETT?

Unlike ships, STOL or VTOR aircraft; and / or off road motorcycle or 4X4s, ET3 requires fixed tubes along the entire route of travel.  Therefore there is a minimum demand required for economically viable operation whereby the energy and time savings justify the construction cost of the tubes.  This limitation of ET3 is shared by trains and canals.  Many jurisdictions impose this limit

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How does ET3 utilize the vacuum? How do you make it work?

ET3 uses standard off-the-shelf vacuum pumps to permanently remove air from the tubes.  Most of the time the pumps will be turned off, unless to run for a while to remove any air that leaks in.  Pumps running too often indicate that a leak needs to be repaired.  Leak repair can occur from outside the tube without shutting down the system.  NOTE: ET3 is NOT like pneumatic tube systems that rely on air movement and pressure differences to propel the capsules, the capsules are magnetically l

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Do tall or small people fit comfortably within a capsule?

ET3 seats are designed to accommodate a very wide range of human dimensions normally encountered.  We used ergonomic data to ensure that ET3 can accommodate over 99.999% of humans.  The seats and capsule size will accommodate 1 percentile adult females OR two 99% adult males.  Adults larger than this can take the whole width, (or the whole capsule) to accommodate up to 800 lbs persons.  It is estimated that there are less than 1000 persons in the world than will not be able to fit in an

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Will the capsules be able to accommodate disabled persons?

ET3 capsules are designed to accommodate a very wide range of human needs at the greatest possible value.  Disabled persons able to use accessible public restrooms or taxis should have little trouble using ET3.  Safety issues require a person who uses a wheel chair to transfer to a seat (as if using a toilet, or taxi).  In the future it is likely that ET3 compliant special chairs (powered or manual) will be designed to roll in and out of

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What options are there for washroom needs?

Note that very few automobiles are equipped with toilets or washroom facilities.  ET3 capsules operate as cars on a freeway so when toilets and washrooms are needed the capsule will never be further than about 15 min from an access portal with such facilities.  An option is removable cushion with a plastic bag lined receptacle for emergency use.  Some privacy can be availed with a pull down screen between the seats.  Not a replacement for a toilet, but better than nothing if sudden urgency strikes. 

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When will it start spreading? What are you doing right now?

Our growth has been unpredictable, but as we gather strength and recognition from credible sources our growth rate accelerates.  We see the critical step is building the first full scale demo at the target design speed of 600km/h.  This will take about 3 miles.  We are looking for locations, and are developing a list of smaller towns close to or between big cities that are interested in being first. 

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