Company Operations Questions

What type of "services" are meant when describing "services for et3" in the question: How can a Licensee profit?

Many risk factors will impact the ability to profit through a license or compensatory shares.  We believe that Licensees who build and own ET3 infrastructure along routes with high transportation demand are the most likely to profit.  Licensees who have production capacities that are used to produce parts or components for any ET3 projects have potential to profit from the sale of their products to licensees building a ET3 line.  License

How will you keep/maintain the vacuumed tubes? will you build the system then vacuum the air out?

Yes the tubes will be built along a route, and then as a last step of construction almost all the air will be removed.  It will take about 5 gallons of gasoline equivalent worth of electrical energy to evacuate a mile.  It will take a few days before the water dries out, and the materials stop out gassing.  Vacuum pumps will be at least every couple miles, they will be capable of overlap so if one pump fails the other pumps can keep the vacuum consistent.   Depending on the type of pumps used they may run all the time (maglev turbo pump

How is a License acquired?

  1. Read and understand all terms of the License Agreement.
  2. Fill out the license application form, agreeing to all terms by printing, signing, and sending in the form and other required documents.
  3. Pay the one time license fee of $100.
  4. Receive Grant of License posted on the website on acceptance. (the fee will be returned if license application is rejected). License applications will only be refused if the applicant fails to meet the qualifications, or fails to follow instructions

When are you going public?

A public offering of stock is expensive. Often the extra overhead and reporting hampers the ability of the company to perform its core functions. A core philosophy if the company is the minimization of unproductive overhead to keep license cost as low as possible. The company Inc. will go public only if it is a key to fulfilling its mission.

Are you going to sell stock?

The company is not selling stock to the public. The company is using stock to compensate its licensees who perform needed functions for startup and continuing operations. The compensatory shares are restricted and may not be sold or transferred to the public. Any sale of stock (if any) will be private placement to licensees of Inc. who meet the Accredited Investor qualifications defined by the SEC.

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