About ET3

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The ETT Patent is assigned to et3.com Inc., an open consortium. An inclusive license agreement offers any entity incentives to participate in ETT implementation using their "off-the-shelf" assets (materials,

Daryl Oster conceived of the basic ideas of ETT in the mid 1980s, refined the ideas in the 1990s, and received the first patent in 1999. The patent document outlines many ways to dramatically improve the cost, efficiency, and effectiveness of ETT compared to the early proposals.

Dr. Zhang Yaoping, a PhD in transportation engineering in China, discovered the ETT patent and determined that ETT was the best transportation system for the future of China (and the world). Dr. Zhang corresponded with Oster, and brought an ETT technology license to China in 2001. (CVs on request.)

In the fall of 2002 Oster and his wife traveled to China to help Dr. Zhang officially institute ETT research at SWJT University in Chengdu (the top transportation engineering university in China). This trip lasted 4 months, it established favorable technology exchange between ETT and their HTS Maglev project, and laid the ground work for various continuing ETT programs. Also during this trip, ETT was evaluated by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, NJT University in Beijing and the Design Institute for The Chinese Ministry of Rail. Since then, several other experts have evaluated ETT.

More than a dozen et3 licenses have been sold in China, and more than five dozen total in 5 different countries with indications of interest in several more. The race is on to be the first to commercially implement "Space Travel on Earth" ™. It is estimated that it will take less than a thousand licensees to achieve the first ETT commercialization. The company is owned by the licensees, and is an open consortium that anyone may join to help achieve the mission and vision of et3.

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